Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pros & Cons

Pro: The heat has finally (finally) broken. It's officially no longer hot.
Con: This means that the long winter of struggling to type because my fingers have gone numb has begun.
Pro: The lack of heat means that the flies have disappeared and I no longer run the risk of smacking myself in the face trying to swat bugs away from me.
Con: I found four (!!) inch long bugs with giant (relative to their body size so, in fact, not actually giant at all) pinchers on my clothes when I took them off the clothesline.
Pro: They definitely weren't scorpions.
Con: They were on my underwear.
Pro: They were easy to kill and I found them before I put said underwear on.
Con: I can't even begin to describe how much I don't want to have to call the PC doctors if I get bitten (pinched?). They will ask for pictures and even if it's for medical purposes, I try to avoid emailing pictures of my lady bits to people.
Pro: Did I mention the part where I can walk places and not end up a sweaty mess by the time I get there?
Con: It's uncomfortably cold at night.
Pro: I do love sleeping curled up under blankets.
Con: But it's cooooold.
Pro: At least it's not hot.
Con: By cold, I mean it was 90° (32° C). And okay, that's like 50° cooler than it was in August, but it's 90° and I've been wearing a sweatshirt all day.
Pro: It won't get colder than ~70° (~20°) this winter.
Con: I won't be in Morocco this winter, so really, my countdown to going home (22 days!) is also a countdown to my death, since I'm going to step out of the airport and most likely immediately die from the cold.