we call upon the author to explain

سلام, I'm Cait. I'm twenty six, and graduated with a degree in Anthropology in 2007. I spent a year working in a museum where I spoke enthusiastically about vampires and death rituals in the Victorian Era American South and taught school children how to use a printing press and to churn butter. Then I decided that while I loved my job, I hated my life, so I up and moved to South Korea to teach English and gave the expat thing a try. I started this blog while spending two years living just outside of Seoul, singing K-pop songs with elementary school kids and trying to navigate life in a country where I only barely speak the language.

My next adventure begins in September 2011, when I move to the Kingdom of Morocco to serve as a Youth Development Volunteer with the Peace Corps for two years. I imagine there will be less K-pop and hopefully I'll learn more of the language, but I'm still very excited.

Like most bloggers, I'm self-absorbed, but harmlessly so (I just have so many ~feelings), and I primarily use this blog to post pictures and tell stories about whatever wackadoodle thing my students said this time. My favorite color is green, my favorite punctuation is the semicolon, my favorite bands are too numerous to list, my favorite author is Terry Pratchett and my favorite shoes are flip-flops. I'm pro alphabetical order, anti the Oxford comma (it's just wrong) and I love reading, traveling, knitting and history.

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