Friday, September 17, 2010


6-1 - 9.17.2010

Here, have a picture of my 6-1 class boys playing baseball using a fuzzy plus dice for a ball and their shoes for a bat.

It beats me actually writing about my day, which was... long. My co-teacher was sick and and left me to teach class alone while she went to the nurse's office (which, seriously, I don't mind, disease happens and it's not like she didn't cover for me plenty when I was sick this spring, plus, she's like a hundred months pregnant, if the lady needs to take a nap, let her take a damn nap), and while my first class went fine, my second class, 6-4, was awful, the sort of awful where I couldn't even start class. A group of students ganged up on one boy and hid his pencil case, and while I was trying to deal with the ensuing meltdown, a different group of boys decided that NOPE, they didn't want to go to class today, sat down in the hall and refused to go to class. My steely-eyed bitch face scared most of then back into class, but one boy pulled the I-don't-understand-you card, even when I told him told him to get into class in Korean and, of course, while I dealt with the delinquents, the well-behaved students were out of their desks and talking and SERIOUSLY kids, now is not the time to try my patience. Ten minutes into the period without starting class, I admitted defeat, interrupted my other co-teacher's class and begged for help. Co-teachers were found, yelling in Korean commenced, students were cowed into submission and barely made a peep for the rest of the class, and yet, hours later, I still feel like I have knots in my shoulders and frustration simmering just under my skin.


The good news, however, is that next week is Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving/Harvest Festival/major holiday) and starting tomorrow, I have nine glorious days off. Hopefully I'll be a bit less frustrated by the time I go back to school.

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