Monday, November 3, 2008

Adventures in Eastern Medicine

Front Gates of Hwaseong Haenggung
Another picture from my trip to Suwon this weekend.  This time, it's the main gates to Hwaseong Haenggung.

I'm sick. Again. I woke up with a cold last week (the second one since I got here) and now my stomach has been upset since yesterday night. I mentioned this at lunch to explain why I wasn't eating and, immediately, the school nurse went into a tizzy and started questioning me about my symptoms. I kept insisting I was fine, I just needed some sleep and maybe some chicken soup, I'll feel fine tomorrow, but she rushed off to the infirmary and came back with a handful of pills for me to take. ... Dude, I don't like taking medicine even when I'm convinced I need it, much less when I don't know what I'm taking and I doubt my symptoms have properly been translated. I adore the school nurse though; the one time I was legitimately sick kept me in the infirmary until the end of school, shooed away anyone who wanted to talk to me and then drove me home at the end of the day.

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