Monday, November 24, 2008

Photos from this Weekend

Seoul at Night

Seoul at night. Taken from the top of the 63 Building. Unfortunately, there wasn't an outdoor observation tower, so I wasn't able to use my flash and the photos suffered as a result. It's actually much brighter and more neon-tastic.

Meet Hello Kitty

There is a Hello Kitty museum on the top floor of the 63 Building. It's one of the most bizarre and vaguely creepy things I've ever seen. This is from an exhibit called Meet Hello Kitty. My friend Siobhain wanted a picture of this panel to send to a professor who told her class that the reason Hello Kitty is so popular is because she has no mouth and is therefore the ideal woman. Other fun facts learned: Hello Kitty weighs 3 apples, love overalls and her first love was Daniel, whoever that is.

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