Monday, January 12, 2009

Nom nom nom

Today's post is brought to you by Indian food, exhaustion and my new camera, an Olympus FE-370 that I bought with Siobhain's help at the I-Park mall this weekend. (On New Year's Day, while spending three hours wandering around Lotte Mart & Home Plus [like Wal-Mart, ON STEROIDS] I realized that I've hated my camera since I bought it and I actually have the money to replace it now, so maybe I should do that.) It has a much better zoom, super macro mode (be glad I'm not making you look at the photos I took of my knitting where you can only see like, ten stitches) and most importantly, the colors aren't insanely washed out.

I went out for dinner tonight and ended up pulling out my camera and really, let's all be happy only one of these pictures is of food, even though my camera has a special setting for photographing food. Oh yes, it does.

My eating buddy
This is Tina. Isn't she adorable? I met her walking home from school about two months ago. She lives across the street from me and is an English teacher at a middle school near by. We eat dinner together a couple times a week, whenever one of us doesn't feel like cooking, which, tbh, is quite often. Today, we went to the Indian restaurant near the train station.

Indian food is delicious. I might be meh about Korean food (some of it - mandu, bulgogi, gimbap, most of the soups - is delicious, but the rest of it I could do without), but I have discovered that I love Indian food. Indian restaurants are all over Korea and they're some of my favorite places to eat. Phil's India Camp, the one near my house, isn't the best, but it's also a five minute walk instead of an hour long train ride, which earns it a lot of points.

Nom nom nom
Nom, nom, nom.

And here I am knitting after dinner. I'm working on the Lizard Ridge afghan, which I've dubbed The Monitor.

Tina & I at dinner
Dooooooooooooooorks! Shortly after Tina took this photo, the manger of the restaurant came over and asked us to be the models for the restaurant website, probably because Tina is adorable and I'm obviously foreign. He brought his camera over and took a few photos of us laughing at our table and pretending to eat. Of course, I can't find a website for the restaurant, so who knows what he was really up to.

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