Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sleeping bags and battle flags

I just booked my plane tickets for Thailand! I leave Friday, January 16th and I get back Saturday January 31st!

I am kinda over the moon with excitement (and not just because Thailand is going to be blessedly warm) and also nerves, since I haven't done much solo traveling (traveling yes, but always with other people) and I've never planned a trip before. I'm coping with the stress by becomes INSANELY ORGANIZED, and even though I only started planning this trip YESTERDAY, I already have an ever-growing outline of places I want to go (organized by location and type) and a calendar of when I plan to be in various locations. Of course, I'm likely to ignore all of this once I actually get to Thailand (I am controlled by no itinerary, even one I made myself) but it makes me feel better now.

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