Thursday, February 26, 2009

[I took the first fast boat to China // and Jimmy there's still so much to be done]

So, hi! I'm back from China! I climbed the Great Wall of China and stood in Tiananmen Square and wandered through the Forbidden City for like, five hours, and got MIND BOGGLINGLY lost trying to get back to my hotel one night. And now I'm back in Korea, where I can figure out how to communicate with people (even if I can't speak much of the language) and read the street signs and all is good. :)

I still don't have a working computer, but I should pick it up tomorrow. I did find an Apple repair center in Seoul, and on Saturday Christine helped me drop it off. My hard drive is mostly likely busted, probably as a result of being HIT BY A CAR. Yeah, I got hit by a car. Korean drivers are CRAZY and a guy running a red light hit me when I was crossing a cross walk. It's at least part my fault, since I've been here long enough to know that a walk light doesn't mean it's actually safe to walk. Luckily, the driver was able to almost come to a stop and while I went sprawling, I was able to stand up and walk away. Unluckily, my computer was on me when it happened, and I doubt it's a coincidence that two days later it stopped working.

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