Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a whole new school year

Today was my first full day of classes since December 19th and, to be honest, I've missed it. My kids are precious and adorable and I really do have a lot of fun with them, even if teaching the same lesson five times in a row gets a bit old. (Like, seriously, I have such a weakness for tiny Asian children. I just think they are adorable and want to squish their cheeks a lot, and I KNOW it's because of the baby sister and, while none of them actually look like her, I see traces of her in my students and it makes my heart clinch because, seriously, I love that child so much and I can't help but be endeared towards anyone who reminds me of her.)

Also, I don't know if it's just general enthusiasm because it's the beginning of a new school year or because my new co-teacher won't let the kids get away with a fraction of the crap my last co-teacher let slide, but class went better than normal today. One of my constant struggles is to get the kids of use complete sentences. Yes kids, I understand what you mean by "play computer games!", but the point of me asking "What did you do yesterday?" was to get you to use the past tense, not to actually find out what you did. Today I was able to get them to answer my questions using subject, object AND verb.

The sixth graders are studying different countries and I showed them pictures of some famous monuments.

Me: This is Buckingham Palace.
6th grader: Teacher, did you say FUCKingham?

No, kid, I did not say Fuckingham Palace, thank you very much. I'm pretty sure the queen does not live in Fuckingham Palace. Although, as Marie said, wouldn't it be better if she did

Me:*showing a picture of the White House* What is this called?
A different 6th grader: It's Obama's house.
Me: It's the White House. It's where Obama lives.
6th grader: Yes, Obama's house.

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