Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Namsangol Traditional Folk Village

To celebrate the all too brief warm spell, last Saturday my friend Jen and I went to the Namsangol Traditional Folk Village in Seoul. It was pretty small - there were only five restored houses and they didn't have much in the way of furnishing - but we were lucky enough to catch a traditional Korean wedding reenactment.

The wedding was based off traditions from the Joseon Dynasty. I'm not sure how accurate it was - right before this photo was taken, the bride-to-be whacked her future husband about the head and knocked him to the ground. I assume this was the ancient and time honored tradition of showing the man who wears the 한복 (hanbok) in the relationship. I did love seeing all the colorful hanboks.

In addition to the wedding ceremony, a dance troupe performed 부채춤 (Buchaechum), or the traditional Korean fan dance. I've wanted to see the fan dance for months now. One of the kindergarden classes performed the fan dance during the school festival back in October and, turns out, it's even more impressive when the dancers have fully developed motor control.

The weather, as I mentioned, was warm for the first time since, oh, October. (I wore short sleeves. Granted, I wore a coat OVER said short sleeves, but somewhere, there were short sleeves and that's what counts.) Seoul celebrated as well and the park was filled with children. Namsangol Traditional Folk Village had a variety of traditional games on display. The little boy in the top photo is on a Nol-Ttwigi, a traditional Korean see saw. The little girl in the second photo is just flying a kite near one of the pavilions.

The weather has sense turned cold again. (It snowed yesterday. Snowed! Granted, it was pretty pathetic snow - didn't even stick - but it's definitely wintry again.) I'm glad I had a chance to enjoy being outdoors while the warm spell lasted.

The rest of the photos are here.

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