Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am a quarter of a century old today! Wait, that sound super old. Twenty-five sounds much younger. Today I am 25!

A bunch of college friends came into town this weekend, and I started celebrating early with copious amounts of Bones marathons, Mario Kart and midnight trips to the grocery store. For my actual birthday, I'm going out to dinner and a movie with Sarah and tomorrow I get the birthday meal of my choice from my mom. (Thai squash soup! Suck on that, brother who won't eat vegetables.)

From my friends I got lots and lots of yarn, from my family I got money for a pre-Korea shopping trip next month, from myself I got a Kindle (not quite as extravagant as what I gave myself last year) and from the god of bad birthday presents, I got an nasty upper repository infection and have spent the day coughing like I've had a pack a day habit for longer than I've been alive.

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  1. Hey I came across ur post when I was searching for some info on Ansan city.

    Just when I was going through your other articles I found something in common between u n me.. And thats our birthday.. yup we share the same birth day - 20th Jan

    Wish you a Happy year in Korea n have a blast :)