Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One of these things is not like the other....

Actualfax conversation I had with Marie today. (Relevant info: Today was Open House at my school and I had to go downstairs to bow to the parents. That's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I stood in front of an assembly of my students' parents and bowed while they clapped politely. I got to do the same thing to the student body on my first day of school. It's Korea: you bow. Fact of life.)

Cait: awesome! was just introduced to the parents as Native Teacher Gate
Marie: HAHAHA! so they don't realize it's pronounced with the ㅋ sound not the ㄱ sound. (ㅋ is romanized as 'k' and is a hard 'k' sound, such as in my name. ㄱ is more of a 'g' sound and at the start of a syllable is romanized as a 'g', but at the end of a syllable it's romanized as 'k'. This leads of all sorts of fun confusion.)
Cait: my principal doesn't. My co-teachers have told him, but he just keeps on calling me Gate.
Marie: LOL I will start calling you Gate. I'm contemplating changing your name in my phone
Cait: ahahaha I'm still being called Cake by some of the students.
Marie: hmm, that's really a hard decision. Gate, or Cake in the phone. You need to make a powerpoint.
C-A-K-E Cake (picture of Cake)
C-A-I-T Cait (picture of Cait)
Cait: there are just so many fun ways to mangle my name.
Marie: maybe your students were hungry?
Cait: I did meet the 6th graders right before lunch....

One of these is a delicious treat...
One of these things is a delicious treat. The other is no longer amused.

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