Sunday, May 16, 2010

#%$@* Sink-Shower

So, I read this delightful webcomic called ROKetship which cheerfully pokes fun at expat life here in Korea and it's uncanny just how well the artist captures my experience here. I can pick a comic at random and, nine times out of ten, something similar has happened to me in the past few days. I saw this comic this morning and just, this? THIS IS MY LIFE! This is my TODAY! TWICE!

My Bathroom

This is my (newly renovated!) bathroom. Please note the hose running from the shower head to my sink. To turn on the shower, I turn on the sink and pull out the button on the faucet and - presto! - it's a sink. The logical thing to do would be to, after a shower, push the button back in, turning my sink-shower back into a sink, but the chances of me being coherent enough to do that first thing in the morning are non-existent. I try to remember and check the button when I go to use my sink, but sometimes I forget, and so I live a life of occasionally getting sprayed in the face with cold water when I go to wash my hands or accidentally drenching my left side when I go to brush my teeth, usually on the days when I'm running late and it's most inconvenient to suddenly need to change clothes.

Effin' sink shower!

On the plus side, though, sink-shower makes it very easy to clean the bathroom.

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