Friday, June 5, 2009

First post!

안녕! Hi, I'm Cait. I'm a twenty-four year old American teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. I started blogging when I was seventeen, and I've had approximately eleventy hundred and one blogs since then, but this is the first one I've attached my real name to. Here I am looking unimpressed with my attempts to take my own picture:

Unimpressed Cait is unimpressed
Unimpressed Cait is unimpressed!

I moved to Korea in September of 2008, partly because I wanted to live abroad, partly because I've always been interested in Korea and mostly because I didn't fancy waiting out the recession working at a coffee shop. I teach English to 3rd-6th graders at a public elementary school just south of Seoul and I absolutely love it. No one was more surprised by that than me. (Many people weren't surprised at all and repeatedly said things like "Well, duh," and "I told you so.")

The obligatory likes and dislikes: I like words. A lot. And things involving words, like reading and writing. (And talking, but not nearly as much.) I can be pedantic, although I'm working on that. I get overly enthusiastic about very geeky topics. I knit and take lots of photos, which can be found here. I like to travel by hoping on buses and seeing where they take me. I like to write things out long hand, even though my spelling is terrible and it takes way longer. There's something about a pen and paper that helps me think. I like wearing flip-flops and cult sci-fi.

I don't like the Oxford comma.

(You'll notice there are sixty entries before this one. They're from one of my other blogs. It's like an instant blog; just add water. Except you should maybe avoid adding water to your computer.)

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