Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Damn Shingles

Remember last week, when I was all hurrah, new co-teacher, my problems are solved! Yesterday, Sue found out she has shingles and quit, which means I don't have a co-teacher. Again. Guys, I almost started crying in my office when I found out. I know a lot of this hysterical despair is because I'm also sick and had taught 5th grade all day and wanted nothing more in the world than to go home, crawl into bed and sleep until morning, but for the first time in a year and a half, I really considered quitting. Saying, "That's it, I can't handle this anymore," getting on a plane and going home so my mom could feed me soup. Instead I went home, made myself soup, went to sleep and woke up feeling marginally better, even if I still don't have a voice and can only stand for fifteen minutes at a time.

The school has started yet another search for an English teacher, but the very earliest the position will be filled is next week. Sue was my Monday, Wednesday, Friday co-teacher, and as far as this week goes, Monday is over, Wednesday is an easy day with only two classes and Friday classes are canceled due to midterm. At least I have more than ten minutes notice this time and can plan my lessons accordingly. Hopefully another replacement will be found by Monday, when the 5th graders are suppose to start a grammar heavy unit. I recognize my own limitations well enough to know that I'm not capable of teaching a class of 35 mostly low level preteens a new grammar topic without a mutual language, at least not without a lot of swearing.

I can't win for trying here.

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