Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daegu Weekend Round-Up

Mountains hiked: only one, but it was really big
Food eaten: so much food, ~so much
Korean porn channels on the love motel TV: only two
Number of Buddha statues seen: 4
Number of powdered reindeer horn signs seen: more than I can count
Minutes to spare catching the bus back to Seoul: 2
Hours late our bus was getting back to Seoul: almost 2, damn leafers
Amount of fun had: quite a lot
Chance that I'm going to finish the Ulleungdo travelogue tonight: same as a snowball's chance in hell


  1. Hi Cait,

    I'm Cin from Singapore. I'm currently planning my trip to Daegu (about 6 nights) in Feb 2012.
    As I was searching through the accommodation, I happened to chance upon your blog.
    Understand that you have stayed in a love motel in Daegu. Would you remember that place? Would you suggest a single travelling female staying there?
    Many thanks for your reply in advance~!

  2. Hi Cin,

    I don't remember the name of the love motel. I just wandered around the bus station until I found one that had an opening and looked nice. I think you're probably okay staying there as a single female. Korea is pretty safe, and I never had any trouble in my two years there, but it's worth remembering that people do go to love motels for sex, and just be cautious.

    Enjoy your trip!